Turner Classic Movies

FridayApril 10, 2020
01:30 am The Landlord LIVE NOW
03:30 am I Never Sang for My Father
06:00 am Remote Control
07:30 am Are You Listening?
09:00 am Here Comes Carter
10:15 am The Next Voice You Hear
11:45 am Underground
01:30 pm One Fatal Hour
02:30 pm Mr. Dodd Takes the Air
04:00 pm Genius at Work
05:15 pm The Unsuspected
07:00 pm Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic
08:00 pm The Wizard of Oz
10:00 pm The Blue Bird
11:45 pm Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
SaturdayApril 11, 2020
02:15 am Caged Heat
03:45 am Black Mama, White Mama
05:30 am Tear Gas in Law Enforcement
06:00 am Two Tickets to Broadway
08:00 am Blackboard Jumble
08:08 am An Hour for Lunch
08:18 am Salt Lake Diversions
08:27 am Baby Face Harrington
09:30 am The Mysterious Mr. M - High-Line Smash-Up
10:00 am Popeye Presents Eugene the Jeep
10:07 am Triple Trouble
11:30 am Heart to Heart
12:00 pm The Mating Game
01:45 pm The Adventures of Robin Hood
03:45 pm The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
06:00 pm The Wizard of Oz
08:00 pm What's Up, Doc?
10:00 pm Paper Moon