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FridayJuly 10, 2020
12:00 am The Emigrants
02:45 am The Virgin Spring LIVE NOW
04:15 am Hour of the Wolf
06:00 am So This Is College
07:45 am So You Never Tell a Lie
08:00 am So You Don't Trust Your Wife
08:15 am So This Is Love
10:00 am So You Want to Be Pretty
10:15 am So You Want to Be in Pictures
10:30 am So You Want to Be a Plumber
10:45 am So You Want to Enjoy Life
11:00 am So You Want to Wear the Pants
11:15 am So You Want to Play the Piano
11:30 am So You Want to Throw a Party
11:45 am So You Want to Be a Gladiator
12:00 pm Flesh
02:00 pm Judge Priest
03:30 pm Mary of Scotland
06:00 pm Drums Along the Mohawk
08:00 pm The Whole Town's Talking
10:00 pm Arrowsmith
SaturdayJuly 11, 2020
12:00 am The Informer
02:00 am Deathsport
03:30 am Cherry 2000
05:15 am Signal 30
06:00 am The Adventures of Robin Hood
08:00 am Busybody Bear
08:08 am Canadian Lancers
08:17 am Colorful Islands Madagascar And Seychelles
08:26 am Conspiracy
09:30 am Terry and the Pirates - Too Many Enemies
10:00 am Popeye - Nix on Hypnotricks
10:09 am Bomba on Panther Island
11:30 am Invitation to a Gunfighter
01:15 pm The Journey
03:30 pm The Brothers Karamazov
06:15 pm Westworld
08:00 pm Dr. Strangelove
10:00 pm The Mouse That Roared